Saturday, September 11, 2004

How much football is 'too much' (Welcome home Viola!)

The good thing about living in Indonesia -besides having a constant fear whether today your body gonna be blown up by bomb or not- is you can watch live European football for free. AFAIK, if we live in a country so-called 'welfare state', we have to pay to watch football (for cable) or have to watch it in a cafe. But here, European Football broadcasted for free. English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and starting this weekend, Italian Serie A will be broadcasted too. Unlike last season, this season we won’t see Germany Bundesliga in action. But hey, who cares about Bundesliga anyway. Despite one less league, the match aired more. Much more. Let see:
Premier League: 7 match/week (4 Live, 3 recorded).
La Liga: 4 match/week.
Serie A: 7 match/week
It’s like a heaven for footballgoers (niru istilah moviegoers). So let hope the ad slot got filled and TV station continues their program for next year too.

Speaking of Serie A, do you guys remember former member of 'magnificent seven' Fiorentina (also knows as La Viola)? A club from Florence which had to start over from Seri C2 when they gone bankrupt in 2002. I’m one of Fiorentina’s die hard fans.

When Fiorentina declared bankrupt by the court, The Florence’s Major decided to build a brand new club. The new club called Florentia Viola and led by Diego Della Valle (DDV). They couldn’t use ‘Fiorentina’ as club’s name. Later, DDV bought ‘Fiorentina’ -as a brand- and all the things related to it such as: name, trophy, history, and other. Although they have to compete in Seri C2, thanks God the tifosi (fans) were behind them (including me ^_^). Fans kept coming to the stadium although the level of the football showed far below Seri A.

This season, after a long and winding road, Fiorentina back to Seri A. Their first action is against Roma at Olimpico, this Sunday night. Welcome Home Viola!

Fez: “How much *** is ‘too much’?”
Hyde: “No such thing is ‘too much’ Fez”
(That 70’s Show Ep. 116)